Liferay: Add search in theme

Posted on: January 10, 2011

We can easily add content search into Liferay theme using the following velocity variable: $theme.journalContentSearch()




3 Responses to "Liferay: Add search in theme"

Thanks for that. Is there any documentation, where I can find a full list of the common velocity variables? I was searching for a while and the only list I found was: (quite helpful but not entire)

Hello Philipp,
Yes, I also did not get any list anywhere, so i make a list of default variables. These are defined into init.vm file. I hope this link will help everybody.

Here you go 🙂


Hi ,
do you how to show the result we got from search portlet in different page .
I added the $theme.journalContentSearch() in the template .if we search some text in home page . the result will show in the home page itself by overwriting the home content .

is it possible to show the result in search page which we create

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